Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Got my tooth fixed, temporarily at least by a very good Tanzanian dentist. He says it will break again and next time he will put rods in to hold it in place. I really like him. John liked him so much he made an appointment for the day after Chris leaves. That's a biggie for John. Had to let a temporary worker go yesterday. He wouldn't show up and then would just walk home whenever he wanted. It was a little tricky, since he was the son of one of our long term workers, but that's the risk you run when you try to help someone by hiring family members. We have only done that twice and both times ended badly. John is in Musoma teaching and training while Shaban gets the annual car registration and insurance done. When the pain is gone from my tooth (no anesthesia here), I will try to get the wheel chair to Lamadi and to take pictures of the kids with their new uniforms. The Member of Parliament from Lamadi wants to meet me, so we will see what that is all about. We accidentally mailed a large, empty envelope to my son, Keith. I'm sure customs went crazy trying to figure out what we were mailing. The right envelope got mailed yesterday, so in a week or so, customs will get to wonder all over again. We are working to get the place ready for Chris and Brenda coming next week. Also, we got the water line and faucet set up for the new filter building area. We could use some rain. It has threatened several times, but nothing fell.
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