Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We started putting in a fence today around the compost heap. We can't keep the dogs out of it and they dig up and eat stuff that makes them sick. So, a small fence is in order. Some birds made a nest in the attic of Dubu's Place that had to be cleaned out and we will have to replace several ceiling panels, but it should be an easy and inexpensive fix. It's always something. A young man stopped by today to thank me for his paying his school fees the last few years. I didn't know him and didn't know I'd been paying, but my memory is not so good, so I accepted his thanks. Once when I was in Mwanza, a man came up and thanked me for operating on his son's leg three years ago. I guess one large white man pretty much looks like all of them. I didn't argue with him, just said, "You're welcome." He went on his way a happy man. Who knows, with my memory, maybe I did operate. Keep us all in your prayers.
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