Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we didn't accomplish that we forget what we have done. We all need a Clarence, Angel Second Class (It's a Wonderful Life) to show us what would have happened had we not been here. The number of lives each of us has touched number in the thousands, but really there only needs to be one. Each of us can think of at least one person who touched our lives in ways that we will carry in our hearts forever. The existentialist, Jean Paul Sarte would have us believe that hell is other people. He couldn't be more wrong. Other people are our heaven. We have each been touched by an angel or two and have been angels for others. When Jesus tells us how He is going to judge at the end of times (Matthew 25), He tells us we will be judged by how we treated those in need. So, stop worrying about what you haven't accomplished yet and give thanks that God has guided you to help those who have needed you. You have been blessed and you are Christ's blessing for others.
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