Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Met with an evangelist in Musoma today to talk about strategy for reaching the unreached. It was a good meeting, but my ideas may mean buying him a bicycle. Not a bad thing, I have bought about twenty bicycles for evangelists over the years. It has worked well in the past and should continue to do so. Also discovered the Catholic Charities where I have been getting the hand-cranked wheelchair/bicycles has gone out of business. Once the nun who had run it for forty years got sick and went back to England, she was not replaced and the whole thing, sports fields and all, just sits empty, growing weeds. How sad. Also discovered from the Disability Center that Catholic Charities was subsidizing the sale of those bikes and the price for the one I wanted for the man in Lamadi was over double what I had been paying. Still, $300 is not much to give a man his freedom, so I ordered one anyway. Seeing his face when he gets it in a couple of weeks will make it all seem so worthwhile. Giving always makes me feel better. Wish I had learned it much earlier, but glad I know it now.
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