Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am having a rather serious bout of food poisoning. Occupational hazard here, but it went on for a week before I really tried to do anything. Now, it's antibiotics morning, noon, and night. Should be better in about five days. Just one unwashed vegetable can do a lot of damage and I ate at restaurants twice last week, so one of them or here, who knows? Charlini has started school and loves it. She goes from seven to noon and then comes here smiling and promptly falls asleep. She has learned the English words "sit" and "stand" and is proud of it. Staff is all healthy except for me. Still mourning the loss of Ethan. All the government flags in Arkansas were at half mast for him. Adriel and family went to Dover AFB and returned with his body. Truly sad in a way I have not experienced. Keep my son, Keith, and all the family in your prayers.
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