Monday, January 31, 2011

Charlini came in from school today just giggling. She couldn't stop. She had to come to each of us and show us her tablet from school. Her teacher had written some English for her to practice at home. Charlini was beside herself with joy because she had HOMEWORK! I pray the joy of learning for her never fades. I cannot remember every being happy because I had homework, but because she has been living with us, she is way ahead of the other kids with her English. She proudly says as she is leaving at the end of the day, "See you tomorrow" with perfect pronunciation. What a delight she is. She is still in the danger zone because of her age. Malaria is the big killer of kids five and under. In another couple of years, we can relax a little, but right now every time she gets sick, we have to act quickly and one day it may not be enough. For now, she brightens our lives.
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