Friday, January 21, 2011

At 7:30 pm last night, just one hour after we had installed our new isolation switch--the power went off. We were able to just switch over to our generator and keep on chugging. Power came back three hours later, but sometimes things work out and don't fall apart (famous book by an African author "Things Fall Apart"--I recommend it). Today, work continued on the new fence around the compost heap and on the new security door for one of the guest cottages. Next month, we will do the other cottage after the ceiling damage has been repaired. Our neighbor came by because he had hurt his leg and had no money to go to the hospital or pay for the cab to take him since he couldn't walk or ride his bicycle. I guess we are the healthcare reform for Bunda--he got the money he needed, as have many others before him. How can you not help those who come to you in need, when you have the ability to help and the Christian ethic that reminds you of Christ's commandment that we love one another? Besides, it feels good.
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