Sunday, January 16, 2011

Are there angels? All I know is that I have been "touched by an angel" more than once. On February 16, 1996, my heart stopped. I was in the ER of St. Mary's Hospital in Rogers, Arkansas, at the time, but try as they might, they couldn't bring me back--while my wife looked on. As the ER doctor began to write down the time of my death, an off-duty ICU nurse jumped up on the table and began beating me on the chest with her doubled fists. She brought me back. Several weeks later, when I was at last able to get around on my own with a defibrillator in my chest, I went back to the hospital to find her and thank her. People remembered her but no one knew where she was. She had moved back to California somewhere. No one knew where. An angel? She was for me. Years earlier, I was choking to death on a microwave cheeseburger at the Little Rock Airport. I was down at the end of the concourse at the snack bar with only the woman manning the snack bar. No one else was in sight. As I choked and began to lose consciousness, I remember the woman banging her hands on the counter and screaming, "Don't die! Don't die!". I passed out and came to sitting on the floor. A man had come out of nowhere and performed the Heimlich maneuver, saving my life. He said, "God must want you for something because my plane doesn't leave for three hours, and I don't know why I wandered down here." The counter woman got me a glass of water and I turned to thank the man who saved me, but he wasn't there. It was just the two of us again. They called my flight back to Fayetteville, and I boarded thinking how lucky I was. Luck? Or another angel? These are just two of many experiences I have had like this. Do I believe in angels? You bet I do. Sometimes God has to hit me with a stick to get my attention, but I get this message. Someone once said that God takes care of His clowns and fools and I guess I fall into both categories, but do I believe that God takes a personal, physical interest in the lives of His children? Yes.
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