Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paul starts back to work tomorrow but not as a married man. His future bride's family is demanding ten cows or the cash equivalent of $1,000. Even with a little help from us, there is no way he can raise that kind of money, and, here, the groom has to pay for the wedding as well. He is sad but not without hope. His family has a cotton crop that may be ready for harvesting in a few months, and with some more negotiation, who knows? He was pleased to hear that we have orders for seven filters and a probability for 42 more for the schools in Musoma. We had a Christmas staff meeting yesterday and handed out Christmas bonuses (not something that is done here). We had a very happy staff today. Karen also gave them vegetable seeds and I think some liked those more than the money. Charlini got a package of alphabet blocks from Wayne Matthews today and was she happy. Will post some pictures tomorrow. Donors from the U.S. have already raised the money for uniforms for the orphans. Thanks to everyone. God is good.
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