Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Australian missionary friends are back in Australia until next March. We will be paying their staff while they are away (they left us the money), so now there are only three white people in the whole Bunda district, but we don't really think like that. Tomorrow, Juliana is going with some neighbors to put a concrete cover on her daughter, Gracie's, grave. The rains have been eroding the graves, so something needed to be done. Gracie died at age fifteen after giving birth to Charlini who will be four years old this month and has become a dear part of our family here. Work continues on the road, but John has been working very hard on computer stuff for this area and has yet to take pictures, but he assures me they are coming. We are in the middle of the short rain season which means it rains every day for two or three hours. The long rains come in late February and then it rains every day for four or five hours. That's it, that constitutes our seasons. Wet and dry. Power was out for several hours today and may be the beginning of a national power rationing program for the next six months or so. We will see. Don't let the hustle and bustle of Christmas get to you. Just remember that quiet night in a manger when some shepherds came in to look at a baby. A baby that changed the world.
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