Sunday, December 12, 2010

Many of you know that for a couple of years I rode around Arkansas doing revivals and fill-in preaching on my big Yamaha motorcycle. I had an emblem of a Bible on each side of the gas tank and on the rear baggage compartment. Many times, people would say positive things to me while I was getting gas. One day, just over the line in Missouri, I pulled into a station, filled up, went in to pay, and when I came out, there was a very scruffy, skinny, tattooed woman walking up to my bike. I thought, "Oh no, here comes one more druggie gonna ask me for money. Well, I'm not giving her any." As she got closer, I could see that her face had been disfigured by burns. I just hardened my resolve not to get taken in. She spoke to me in pretty tortured English, but when she was through, I was the one who was tortured. She asked me to come with her over to her old, junky car--to bless and pray over her six-month-old baby. She was taking her to a children's hospital because she had just been diagnosed with leukemia. She asked for no money, just a blessing and a prayer from a man she figured worked for God. It was a very shaken man who prayed over and blessed that baby. The mother thanked me and got in her car. That was when I offered her all the money I had on me. She refused. She said God led her to me for her baby--someone else would need that money. As she pulled out, she hollered, "God bless you!" Never have I felt so blessed. I didn't get her name and don't know what happened to the little girl, but I have never forgotten the day I received a blessing from God in a very unlikely way. God wants to send us blessings every day, but we have to be able to receive them--from whoever God is using that day. Keep your eyes and your heart open, and you will be blessed. It's a wonderful feeling and a "foretaste of glory divine".
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