Monday, December 27, 2010

Juliana wasn't here today because the three-year-old daughter of her nearest neighbor died of malaria on Sunday. Juliana spent the day consoling the mother as best she could. Juliana also lost a daughter (not to malaria but in childbirth). We can now get pretreated nets for $3.00 a net. We have distributed 100 in the last month and have ordered more. The government hospitals are now giving them away free thanks to some U.S. aid. It is so sad that a disease unknown in most of the world is such a killer in other parts. Karen's school will be having its graduation on Wednesday. All the children for the new term (both sessions) are already signed up and a new teacher will be starting as well. Turns out that Karen's school has become a place for new teachers to add to their skills and she has no trouble getting teachers. The teacher for St. Wiggins Academy is in Nairobi getting about 25 new uniforms. A new floor is already down and we have bought six new desks. We will start giving the students porridge every morning beginning in January. This costs just about $40.00 a month for eighty students but what a difference it makes. John's puppy is sick. He took it to the vet in Musoma this morning who gave her a shot for worms and a shot of vitamins. She should be back up and around in three or four days. John is taking it pretty hard.
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