Friday, December 17, 2010

It's been quite a week and it's not over. Today was a trip to Musoma in the morning and a meeting with Bishop Monto this afternoon. He is staying with us here tonight because there is a big meeting here at the church tomorrow to plan now that the government has ruled that we are the established church in Tanzania. On Sunday, the Archbishop of the Evangelical Church of God will be here in Bunda to induct both Monto and myself as consecrated bishops. It will be an all day affair with lunch served here at Martha's place. I have a business deal to contract tomorrow and then attendance at the meeting--even though it will all be in Swahili. Bishop Monto and Rev. Moses of Magu both credit the outcome of the meeting last Tuesday on my short words urging reconciliation and offering a solution that they will probably ultimately accept. Still reeling a bit over my Thursday at the new school they named after me. Very humbling. Keep us and the church in your prayers.
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