Thursday, December 9, 2010

It is so good to know that the Methodist Church in Tanzania is now both accepted and approved by the Tanzanian government. The District Commissioner of Magu sent me a two page letter that outlines their stand and the reasons for it and sent it to the presiding bishop of the Methodist Church in Kenya (who has caused much trouble here) and to the Bishop of Nairobi who is supposed to oversee the missionary church here (he is a good man and has caused no trouble). Now, we just have to work out an arrangement so that Rev. Moses will not have to go back to Kenya and can stay and continue with all the good work he has already done. It is important for me to attend the meeting to speak in his behalf. We have two representatives of Compassion, Inc. coming today to talk about water filters and how they can be incorporated into the work of Compassion. Someone in England emailed someone in Arusha who emailed someone in Musoma and so it goes. That's how word gets around. Shaban is having X-rays today to see if he has appendicitis and whether of not he needs immediate surgery. We are praying for him. It continues to be cold and rainy here. Remember, we have no glass in our windows and no source of heat in our house--and we don't have cold weather clothing, so it is less than comfortable even at 65 degrees.
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