Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hate church politics. I hate it when ministers and bishops of Christ's church fight with each other over some trivial matters and some not so trivial matters. I hated it in the U.S., and I hate it here. I stayed for four hours of a meeting all in Swahili so I only caught about every third word, but basically it was name calling and accusations based on a little truth and a lot of falsehood. At issue was whether those who voted to be autonomous from the Methodist Church in Kenya could decide whether or not to deport those Kenyan missionaries still in Tanzania. The sad thing is that those missionaries are doing fantastic work. I listened for two hours before I reminded them that all they were arguing about was a name. I suggested that they let those who wanted to stay affiliated with the MCK just to change their name and register it as such, and to let those who wanted to be autonomous--stay that way. The government of Tanzania has already ruled that the autonomous groups had the legal advantage. I don't know what the ultimate result was or even if there was one. I hope to hear tomorrow. Please pray for all those ministers and bishops who are trying to serve God the best that they can and pray for peace and calm to reign in their hearts. Thank you. There were thirty pastors and bishops in the room and all but the Africa Inland Church bishop who was serving as moderator acknowledged that they had benefitted from our mission in Bunda. We do good work, but we can't do much with tribal and personal feuds.
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