Friday, December 10, 2010

Had a visit from three Anglicans today who work with project Compassion. They were very excited about the filters and want to buy five for an orphanage up near Tireme for around 250 children. They have other projects as well, and we may be working with them for some time to come. It will take two months to get the orphanage project put together. You know how speedy things are here. The Bunda library doesn't have space for all our books, so tomorrow the new Member of Parliament from Musoma whose last name is Nyerye (nephew of the founder of Tanzania) is coming to take some for the library in Musoma and for some special schools. Press will be here, too. A brand new library in Bunda, new books for the library in Musoma, and several schools are all benefitting from the generosity and hard work of folks in Arkansas in Oklahoma. Who knows what child will change the future because of those gifts? Thanks to all who care about those who have so little. Everyday when little Charlini comes over, the first thing she does is ask Karen for a book. Every single day. She returns it right before she goes home and says thank you. I get a little teary-eyed sometimes.
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