Saturday, December 11, 2010

Big day today. The new member of parliament from Musoma, Vincent Nyerere, came to visit. His uncle, Julius Nyerere (now deceased), is considered to be the father of the nation. Vincent brought a truck to take the boxes of books that wouldn't fit in the Bunda library to take to schools in Musoma. He loved Maisha Na Maji and wants to talk to John about computers in the schools in Musoma and to Karen about sanitation and hygiene training. He also wants a biosand filter for himself and wants to put them in fourteen schools, probably three per school. We have made a friend and a very good political ally without even trying. Another man came to talk about filters as well and was here while Nyerere was here. I am supposed to write up the visit for the press and one of us will be with Bwana Nyerere when he presents the books to the schools. As soon as the truck pulled out, the heavens opened up and there was no way that truck could have gotten through the mud if it had waited. The wind-driven rain is coming in hard and mops and towels are being put to immediate use. John took some pictures which are at right. Please check them out.
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