Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The teacher had to go to Kenya today to get her teaching certificate, so Karen taught the morning and Bwana Masele taught the afternoon. Tomorrow, they will switch, but this was the first time in over eight months that Karen could even walk to the school much less teach for a morning. She came in tired but happy and is looking forward to tomorrow--another first. I drove into town and did some errands and even that little bit felt good, too. John is at work on several projects, some he completed while we were gone and some still need work. He has even more on the drawing board. The pictures at right are all about our new projects. We had a hinge that needed to be re-welded on the front security door and got that done. Have had so much rain that we had to hire another worker part-time just to cut grass. Lusi is in the hospital and will be out at least a week. Hopefully, she will finally get fixed. We are awaiting word on her condition. Will meet next week with the library in Musoma to give them some of the textbooks and deliver some more mosquito nets to the Coptic Hospital. Life and work go on for those who serve.
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