Friday, November 5, 2010

John has a bad case of bronchitis but now has medication and will rest for three days. Karen needed rest today after teaching yesterday and enrolling all eighteen scholarship students at the Teachers College. Photo of first five at right. She has them fill out questionnaires and we provide them laminated photo ID's so we know exactly who is in the program and who isn't. The last group didn't show up till after five when Karen was already tired, but she worked with them anyway. She will rest all day tomorrow. While in Musoma today, paid the Social Security fees for our staff and paid for our internet which we haven't had for a week, but that's just the way things go here. Tomorrow, we will go to the first missionary fellowship we have all three attended in over a year. It is just up the road at our Australian missionary friend's house. It will be good to see the others again. They were praying for Karen all last month and sending messages of support and hope. It was good.
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