Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It feels wonderful to feel wonderful. I am walking around the compound, talking with the staff and students, playing with the dogs, and checking on what needs repairing. Festo, the pastor at Karikakari, is coming by today to get some financial help for burying his mother-in-law who died Sunday. It is good to be able to help. Sylvester Magero is coming by as well. His wife is in the hospital with malaria and he needs help to pay her bills. The two of them are both being funded by us to attend Bible college in preparation of becoming pastors. They are doing well and have just one year to go. Lusi goes in for an X-ray tomorrow having finally gotten an appointment with the doctor for women's problems. While we were gone, John sent her to Mwanza to get checked out, but they wouldn't do it without a referral letter from a doctor here. Won't know about the elections till Friday because of delays. We will have double security that night as well, but probably not needed. Our Australian missionary friends are going back to Australia so that Samantha can have surgery on her leg. They leave in a week or two and won't be back until April of next year.
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