Thursday, November 25, 2010

Had a bit of a scare on Tuesday which has not completely been sorted. Sudden pain and swelling where a man shouldn't have pain and swelling around one o'clock in the afternoon required a quick trip (two hours instead of two and a half) to Mwanza. However, John and Shaban were in Musoma, so I called them and they returned a little too quickly for my taste. We left Bunda around two o'clock in the afternoon for the trip to Mwanza to see the doctor that removed my right testicle three years ago. Ready for emergency surgery Tuesday night, Karen came with me and Shaban drove. Got to see the doctor by 5:30 pm at a Womans Clinic (ironic considering the nature of my problem) where he works when not at Bugando Hospital (site of the first emergency surgery to save my life). I had to go up to Bugando to have an ultrasound before the doctor would decide whether another immediate surgery was necessary. After rounding up a radiologist and giving him a ride to the hospital in our car, I had the ultrasound around seven that night that indicated no surgery was necessary--at least not right away. So, overnight in a hotel, and then home with lots of antibiotics and pain pills (ibuprofen--real pain pills are only available for inpatient surgery). If the medicine works, I will have dodged a big bullet. I admit I was pretty scared and it was good to have Karen with me. Praying the medicine works and thankful for all the pieces falling into place so well. God takes care of His clowns and fools and I'm pretty sure I fall into both categories. Guess there is still work to do.
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