Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back in Bunda with the car running very smoothly now. I drove back at 6:00 am because there is no traffic or people about at that time of the morning, and it cuts a half an hour off the driving time. The Bunda Teachers College has raised their tuition this year. I guess we were a little naive to think a college wouldn't raise their rates over a five-year period. It's still the best deal in town. It now costs $400 to completely fund a student through a two-year program and produce a qualified teacher. Pretty good deal compared to U.S. costs. That is only a $40 increase per student. We got excited thinking the costs were the same and added two more scholarships bringing the total now to eighteen, but we will still fund all eighteen. They are such wonderful, earnest young people and so grateful for our help which comes mostly from the kind folks at Cherokee Village UMC in Northeast Arkansas (with Jerry and Amy Buckingham raising funds there). What a difference they have made with an investment of around $3,000 a year. Every year we graduate nine new teachers now having already produced thirty-two new, Christian teachers who couldn't have gone to school otherwise. Thank you to all who have given and continue to give to this ministry. We are happy to administer the funds and tutor the students as well as providing Bibles and support. They come to the Bunda Methodist Church as a group several times a year and lift the spirits of all the members. Thank you again.
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