Saturday, October 2, 2010

Turns out I went to mediation not arbitration. Mediation tries to settle things without going to court--a great idea. So, our ex-worker comes in with claims for $7,000 and ends up leaving with $100, so I think mediation worked just fine. The poor guy got a lot of bad advice and if I had known the Tanzanian labor laws, he wouldn't have gotten anything, but then I should have paid him that money when I fired him. Well, we live and learn. Putting all our workers on contracts. Went by the Coptic Hospital and was told I probably don't need blood pressure medication anymore. Great by me. We will watch it a week and then I will go back for a recheck. Karen is still nursing an infection and will go back on Tuesday for more treatment and medication. Lusi comes by every morning and does light work for a couple of hours and will not let us send her home. She will be having surgery next week and is worried about her job. We just can't convince her that she has nothing to worry about on that score. Folks here are used to some pretty harsh treatment by employers and that's sad. Keep her in your prayers. Got to talk and see Laura Grace (our granddaughter) by way of video chat on the computer yesterday. Even Charlini talked to her. Pretty cool but understood as witchcraft around here--mostly by me.
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