Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My beloved wife needs a colonoscopy which means Arusha maybe, Nairobi for sure, or the USA. For folks with little money and no insurance, we hope Arusha can do it. Pete is checking with the best hospital there, the Lutheran Selian hospital, to see if they have the equipment and doctors to do what needs to be done. If they do, we will probably fly her over next week. If surgery is required, I will fly over to be with her. Pete and Charlotte will take good care of her for the procedure. If Selian Hospital can't do it, we will try to get to Nairobi to the Coptic Hospital there which is very good. Keep her and John and I in your prayers. As soon as we know something, you will. Lusi's surgery is Thursday, Edina is still out sick, and Shaban is sick as well. Stomach problems and malaria are just par for the course around here. Karen has had this problem before and we are praying that it just a recurrence--you pray for that, too. God bless every one of you who supports us with your prayers while we labor in this distant vineyard. We are truly blessed.
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