Saturday, October 9, 2010

As soon as we got Karen to the hospital, the doctors recognized a serious heart condition. She had been suffering in silence for many months, but she has advanced angina that will most probably need stents implanted. She is in the hospital and will remain there until Tuesday. They are monitoring her heart condition and getting her ready for the colonoscopy on Monday to find that problem. There are no heart specialists in Tanzania, so we will have to go to Nairobi for them to implant the stents, but we can't go unless we have the cash up front. With no insurance, you have to pay retail--up front. Don't know how much it will cost yet. The doctor here is trying to find out. Best guess is five to ten thousand dollars US. May have to go back to Bunda to sell one car to raise the money first, if they can get her medication to ease her pain first. We will keep you posted. Karen is in a lot of pain, but they are giving her medication to allow better circulation which takes some of the pain away. I sleep at Pete's and then go in every morning. When she is not sleeping, she is bored but in good spirits. She won't be able to post to facebook or read any of your messages to her until Tuesday, but send them anyway. Keep us in your prayers.
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