Saturday, October 16, 2010

Karen had fasting blood work done this morning. Then we had a three-hour neurological consult and went over the MRI images. There is no question she is having migraines and the neurologist suggested that this may cause other problems as well. The MRI showed mostly good things but with advanced atrophy of the basal ganglia which is where Parkinsons comes from although she doesn't have it. The afternoon was spent doing CT scans of veins and arteries--she didn't get back to the room till almost seven at night. We may get those results tomorrow. We may have to fly to the U.S. if she can't get all the help she needs here, but that is yet to be seen. If we do, we will fly to Houston probably to St. Luke's Hospital. I have lots of family in Houston, but that's out there in the future. The main thing is get these painful and scary attacks stopped and get her energy back. Please pray for her healing.
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