Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good news. The Selian Hospital in Arusha can do the procedure and whatever follow-up surgery is necessary. Karen and I will be flying from Mwanza to Arusha tomorrow so Karen can see a doctor on Friday. Because you have to pay park fees even if you are just driving through the park to get to the other side, the fees alone would cost $400 there and back. Add the diesel at $9.00 a gallon and it would cost $800 to drive there, not to mention the back breaking roads and the twelve hours of driving each way. We can both fly round trip (including the diesel to Mwanza) for about $600 total. Not hard to make that choice. Pete will pick us up in Arusha and put us up for the duration. We would much rather be in Arusha with Pete than in Nairobi by ourselves. Karen will get to play with the orphans and I may not be able to get her to come back to Bunda with me. Especially after she meets Joshua. I just love that kid. Lusi gets X-rayed tomorrow, so we will have to see what happens. John will be running things. He did a fabulous job when we were gone for six weeks back in 2008, so we aren't worrying. Plus, Shaban will spending several nights here to help out. We do need lots of prayers, so please remember us and our staff whenever you are talking to God. And when you are talking to God, remember to listen, too.
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