Thursday, October 21, 2010

FROM KAREN: To all, I just do not know how to thank you all. We are so blessed to have friends like you. Between you and God, we are healed and ready for our work at our beautiful mission. I went from a gray little old lady that could not get here, breathe, or even walk--to at person who can do some work in the gym. Prayers and money have helped us so very, very much. I have never been that close to death. The miracle happened. Going to Kenya had been very much like us ridding our self of our STUFF and moving to Tanzania. We had only the money to get us here and nothing else. I have had tests of M.R.I, (lots of meds to get me in it) EKG, Stress EKG, Echocardiogram, CTScan Angiograph, and every blood test imaginable.

In Arusha, they gave me some meds to open my veins and arteries to get me to Nairobi. Again, when they saw me, they admitted me into the hospital immediately. The doctor gave me meds working on clogged arteries and more for fibromyalgia. Without prayers, I feel sure he would have had to do a stent at least. God is so good.

My heart is strong even under stress. Now my arteries and veins are clean and I did not have to have the surgery. I will have my colonoscopy done in the morning. They will send me to Charles' hotel the day after that. for a week as an outpatient. Charles had his own miracles, too. He had his defibrillator checked for the first time in four years, and found a serious problem with his esophagus that could be corrected with medication. We are both in better shape than we have been in some time and are anxious to be about our Father's business.

There is no way to thank all of you for what you have meant to us and to our mission by your support, prayers, and contributions. We really could not have done it without you and one or both of us may have died as a result of lack of proper treatment. You have given us a new opportunity to serve the least of these. We thank you, God thanks you, and the people we serve thank you.

Karen (Mama Africa)


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