Sunday, September 5, 2010

Today is John's 36th birthday, so I drove him down to the Serengeti Stop-Over for lunch. We gave him a hand-carved ebony Bau set. Bau is a very old game here in Africa and on any given day you can find the older men playing it in front of Masena's downtown. Karen was too sick to come with us but we brought her take away (fillet of Tilapia) and discovered on our return that she had baked a chocolate cake for John. The doctor has just left with more medication for Karen to try and malaria medication for me. I had a migraine for about nine hours yesterday which is a good indication malaria is on the way. Sure enough, I drove today with a fever of 101, but made it just fine. I haven't had malaria in over a year and a half and thought I had built up enough antibodies not to get it again. I was wrong. Paul went to visit Shaban and his wife today and Shaban will be here tomorrow. Please keep him and his wife in your prayers.
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