Saturday, September 11, 2010

Samson's firing was not without fireworks, but everything is settled now. Amos is just working nights until we can hire a replacement, and Paul is doing days. We had the chair of the board of the Teacher's College here today for a meeting with Karen and Bwana Masele. Turned out the man was an old friend of Bwana Masele's and just loved everything we are doing here. He agreed to the changes in how we handle the scholarship money and is very excited about getting Karen's model school officially worked into the curriculum. On a side note, that little puppy is growing like wildfire. I'd forgotten how that worked. Another month and she'll be working with the big dogs at night. Me, I'm feeling better than I have in a whole year. No headaches for the past two days, no nausea, and I am sleeping well at night. The folks here don't know what to make of my singing and laughing, but I'm gonna keep doin' it. Boy does not feeling bad feel good. Did you follow that? I'm cool, that's what.
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