Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paul was back at work today after missing just one day with malaria. Oh, to be young and strong once more. One of our pastors is in the hospital at Manyamanyama and couldn't pay his bill, so we rode to the rescue. Will deliver the bicycle tomorrow to Pastor Festo who will ride it the 42 kilometers back to Karikakari for the evangelist at Nakatuba. Oh, to be young and strong once more. John has been doing work on Google maps for our area. If you type in Bunda Methodist Church at Google Maps, you will see our church and our compound right next to it. Shaban's wife is still in the hospital and no word on when or if the surgery will be performed. If they do operate, they will also do a hysterectomy which is sad for one so young. I don't normally say how hot it is here because it is hot all the time except for those few rainy, windy mornings during the rainy season. Suffice it to say I am very happy that someone invented electric fans and generators.
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