Monday, September 27, 2010

Karen was very sick this morning, so we took her to the Coptic Hospital in Musoma. Turns out she two different infections at the same time. She has started the medications and is already a little better. Two more days and she should be good to go. Our new security guard is doing his first night here tonight, so Shaban is staying over to help out if necessary. Shaban's wife is staying with Shaban's sister in Shinyanga for the next two weeks since they got along so well in Musoma. Lusi is out with malaria, the puppy is growing like an unruly weed, and we've got the system worked out for the scholarship students. Everything is going more less to plan--as if anything we plan every works the way we thought it would. Our Australian missionary friend, Samantha, is going back to Australia in December for knee surgery. Please keep her in your prayers. I've had two days with no headaches. Seems they were tied to my blood pressure medication--will change that this week. That will be good. Thanks for all your prayers.
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