Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Karen is feeling much better but not yet "good". Lusi does not have malaria but a serious stomach problem. They will x-ray her tomorrow. We are all praying for her. We are having some serious rains here about two months early, but we are not in charge. John had a good day teaching today, and I bought Karen a new laminating machine that runs on 220V electricity. She can't wait to feel good enough to play with it. We had a group of men come by the neighbors at six am to buy bricks, but they argued, loudly, for twenty minutes and then drove away empty. Ah well, it woke up the whole neighborhood, so everybody got more work done today. Edina has been helping out in the house while Lusi is out sick, so Charlini has been helping, too. What a joy to have that little angel in the house. In January, since she will be four years old, she will start preschool at the Catholic Church. Boy, does time fly.
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