Thursday, September 9, 2010

The doctors at the Coptic Hospital have taken me off the TB drugs and say that in three or four days, after the medicine is out of my body, I will feel much better. Way to go, Coptic doctors--Dr. Rafik in particular. John taught his class yesterday and is having them go to places with his GPS and map coordinates. Karen is a little better. No school tomorrow because it is Eid--a major Muslim holiday. Shaban's wife comes home from the hospital today. Her family has been a great comfort to Shaban. Shaban regreased our drive shaft (propeller shaft here and in England) today. We are having to let one of our staff go. The night security guard, Samson, is sleeping all night and causing us to have go out in the rain to start the generator. When we talked to him about it, he said he didn't care. Well, we do. We are sorry but suspect he has another job in the daytime. We are making sure we have all the paperwork done properly and he will be able to get social security money as well as the month's severance pay--so we aren't worrying about him. The church politics thing seems to be settled, and if everything goes to plan, the bishop of the AIC church and the president of the Christian Council of Tanzania will come to Bunda in December to induct Rev. Monto and myself. Will keep you posted. Keep us in your prayers.
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