Friday, September 3, 2010

Doctor Mzumo has been here twice and is still working on discovering what is ailing Karen. More lab tests are called for, it seems. The medicine he prescribed has eliminated at least one of the symptoms, so that is good. The picture at right is Bwana Masele holding the new bicycle for the evangelist at Nakatuba. Out in the villages, bicycles are better than pikipikis (motorbikes) because there is no gasoline out there and no one to repair them. The bicycle of choice (the Cadillac of bicycles here) is the Phoenix (pictured at right). It is a Chinese one-speed that weighs almost forty pounds. It has generator powered lights, a bell, and a pump for punctures in the bush. Each one costs about $100 and is highly treasured. Bwana Masele recently bought one for himself (with a little help from us) so he could be more regular and timely in helping out in our school. I have also posted a couple of pictures from the recent sanitation and hygiene workshop. Click on the picture of the bicycle and you get all the pictures. Sunday is John's birthday. He will be 36 years old. I still remember the actual day of his birth in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard (in the Kaiser hospital--not actually on the street). Seems like just yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time.
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