Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The wife of Pastor Silas who was killed two years ago is now pastoring the church in Kabita. She came by today, so we helped her with school fees for her children--not much, just 20,000 Tsh. Pastor Festo came by to get bus fare for a funeral in Tireme and we gave it to him. We bought a cheap phone ($40) for Bwana Masele because his died and we need to be able to get a hold of him. He was very pleased. I tried to baby sit the puppy but that little thing wore me out--quickly. John and Karen have dental appointments in Mwanza on Monday. John's work alone will cost $600, but he is having a lot done. It's what happens when you don't go to the dentist for a couple of decades. He does like this dentist though, so that's a plus.
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