Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This week, we are paying the school fees of an evangelist who is going to Bible college in preparation for becoming a pastor, we are buying a bicycle for the evangelist at Nakatuba who is doing a good job but needs transport, and we are helping build a roof over the church the members have built at Kabasa. The whole cost of all these things is just about $500. That's a lot of bang for the buck. Karen is feeling better but not well yet. John is continuing to teach his class in Musoma on Tuesdays. Paul is out sick with malaria, and Shaban's wife is having trouble with her pregnancy (seventh month) and may have to have emergency surgery tonight. If so, the baby will probably not make it, but that's the way of things here. Saving the mother's life is paramount. We will keep you posted on how that goes. While Shaban and John were in Musoma this morning, I went to the barbershop here (called a "saloonie") and got my hair washed and beard trimmed. Barbershops are a gathering and gossip place here just like so many other places.
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