Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday afternoon, I watched the Super Bowl. A friend sent me a DVD. It was the first American football game I have watched in years. They play it a little differently here. Monday, John and I went to Mwanza--John to the dentist and me to run errands that can only be done there. John liked the female British dentist and she did a good job for him. He has several more trips to make, but she got rid of the immediate pain. President Kikwete was in Mwanza, but we didn't see him. The election is ramping up. We will keep a very low profile the days of the election and will add security staff. Five years ago, many people were killed in Musoma and Tireme (none in Bunda), so we are wary. All missionaries are told to have their vehicles tanks full, food for a week, and not to go out until at least two or three days after the election. We will be fine, but we will do what we are told. This only happens every five years, and we are told the election five years from now will be a wild one. We will see, I guess. Thanks to all of you who support our work here. We couldn't do it without you.
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