Monday, August 9, 2010

Quiet Sunday. Karen, John, and I were all under the weather and just sat around the house all day. Today, added Shaban and Neema to the Social Security group since they are now full time workers. That brings us to eight full time and means we have to pay a skilled-worker tax of 6% for the total wages of all employees every month. About another $50 is all, so no big deal, really, but it keeps us legal and honest. Those are good things here, and everywhere for that matter. I'm not enjoying the side effects of the TB medication, but it is just for six weeks and not six months, so should be doable. Some have to stay on the medication for two full years. It will just be seven months for me, so not too bad. Tomorrow, a truck is coming to pick up fifteen filters for a Catholic NGO just south of the Kenyan border. Paul is happy, of course, as are we. Every filter means less sickness and death. Karen is scheduling another sanitation and hygiene workshop for the Baptist church just nearby. We will have it here at Maisha Na Maji. The group is all back home safe and sound. We are very grateful for all they did here. We were honored to have hosted them.
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