Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Juliana is still out--pretty sick. Shaban is in the hospital in Musoma with malaria. Paul sold six more filters. Karen made some nut bread for the government people, but she hasn't been able to get it to them. Our dependable taxi driver is in Tireme, so it's walk or stay here. The new battery is still sitting in the car park, but we can wait till Shaban is healthy again. We've made a deal with the Australian missionaries (our neighbors) who also got a puppy the same time we did. They are bringing a vet up from Mwanza for shots and treatments, so we will split the expenses and give the vet two puppies to care for. The folks from Kabasa came to get financial help for their roof, but I had to make them wait for three weeks till our regular monthly funds come available. Can't find any bread today, maybe tomorrow, but that's how it goes here in the bush--well, not really in the bush, but close enough to see it.
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