Tuesday, August 10, 2010

John went to Musoma to teach today. Shaban bought a new battery for the Nissan in Musoma, but it was 40,000 Tsh more than I gave him, so Robi loaned him the difference. This battery should last two years instead of the usual one. Karen is going to a village about 50 km's from here on Saturday to help the Anglican nun teach a sanitation and hygiene workshop in an area with many cases of cholera. Paul helped load ten filters on a truck today and then went with them to install them. He won't be back until tomorrow afternoon because it is a long trip. Amos has a new baby daughter as of yesterday. No name because they don't name them for six weeks or so to see if they will live. I stayed here and fed the puppy while John was gone. Juliana has been out for two days with malaria. I discovered via Dr. Internet that certain foods make the nausea worse--didn't know that. I have been avoiding them and have had no nausea, only headaches. Much better. Gave Pastor John Daniel of Lamadi enough money to ride a bus to Shinyanga to see an eye doctor. His eyes are bad. Also gave him money for the doctor. A good investment for the church.
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