Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Had a great day on Tuesday. Car trouble kept us from getting to Bukore, but this group has finished every project they started and will make our work here easier and better. Way to go, group! We fried seven chickens last night and stuffed everybody with french fries and left over birthday cake. They go home today and we are sad, all of us, staff included. This has been a great group, and we have been able to speak and hear American for ten days--quite a treat. We have no groups scheduled till next summer, so maybe we will lose our Arkansas accents by then. Karen met with the new librarian here and then met and the librarian at the Mara Regional Library in Musoma. She is so happy that the library is a reality. Please pray for the group's safe journey home. Pray them all the back to their homes. Thank you.
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