Saturday, August 7, 2010

The group didn't quite make it all the way home--they got stuck in Memphis overnight (flight cancelled). They should be home today. Was able to buy 60 mosquito nets and order 25 Bibles with money the group left--thanks group. The TB specialist here has put me back on the heavy-duty antibiotics for another six weeks. Also found out (via internet) that my food choices were a contributing factor to the side effects. Better late than never, I suppose. Maybe these six weeks won't be as bad, armed with that information. Tomorrow is Nane Nane (Eight, Eight), one of Tanzania's big national holidays. Has something to do with agriculture and industry, I think. Anyway, it's a three-day holiday here, so we have to pay the workers extra. Won't be too bad, one is out sick and another on funeral leave. Paul's father is still in the hospital but getting better. Paul will be off as well, so just one security guard and one housekeeper for Sunday and Monday. That sounds like someone complaining about the lack of good Mercedes mechanics, doesn't it? It's the culture, what can I say?
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