Monday, August 2, 2010

The big, big news is that Bunda is going to get its library. Our letter writing apparently paid off, and they hired a librarian that Karen will meet tomorrow. The books will soon be on their way out of our yard and into a library. There is still much to be done, of course, but the biggest hurdle of all is now behind us. Sunday, the whole group went up to Karikakari for church and had a wonderful, spiritual experience. We ate at Pastor Festo's house afterward where he proudly showed us his biosand water filter. The road was as bad as Gary and Ruth remembered. Today, we drove to Bukore only to find that they were expecting us tomorrow, so tomorrow, we will go back. Wayne and Jason finished the generator house and this afternoon, everyone helped finish painting the window trim on the mosquito screens in Karen's school. Today, was Corbyn's sixteenth birthday and Karen surprised her with a cake at dinner. Tomorrow is Gary's 68th birthday, so we sang to both of them. So, tomorrow, the last Bible school. The Baptist pastor that Ruth knows came to visit this afternoon and plan a sanitation and hygiene workshop for his church here at Maisha Na Maji. Tomorrow is the group's last day. Wednesday, they fly to Arusha, and, Thursday, fly back to the States. We will miss them. I will especially miss Gary--he is a good man and a true man of God.
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