Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We have to do more car repairs and repair the roof over the shed in the car park. Add that to the unknown amount we will owe the dentist, and I was depressed about our financial condition. Then, today being Saba Saba (seventh day of seventh month is independence day for Tanzania), not much was going on. This afternoon, I spent several hours sitting with a man I just met in his house out past the cotton gin on the way to Karikakari. He works for the gin (seasonally) and is reasonably well off by Tanzanian standards. After spending the afternoon listening to his life story and how he and his wife (who is missing a foot) get by on a day to day basis. I didn't say much. I was ashamed and embarrassed by how much we have and how little we have to do without. Without saying anything, his wife limped with a stick out of the house and came back later with a soda for me. I almost cried. It was truly a humbling and yet encouraging afternoon. With so little, and having to have suffered much (they have four living children out of nine that were born), they are happy, loving, and good parents. God grants grace and peace--we can't buy it or earn it. Remind God in your prayers to keep me humble and thankful for what God has given.
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