Monday, July 12, 2010

A typical day. A neighbor came over to ask for money (which I gave him) to pay the hospital to have his aching leg x-rayed. One of Karen's new teachers came to begin work preparing for school. Neema, the school cook and aide came to work out costs for food supplies. Bwana Masele came by to get an ibuprofen for the pain in his leg and to help Karen with the names for her recent workshop. Shaban came by early because he had underestimated the number of iron sheets it would take to cover the shed, get the money, go get the sheets, and begin hammering them in place. Then a little later, he came to get the keys to the pikipiki because they didn't have enough nails. Then Bwana Masele came back to get a copy of the letter I sent to the president about the library to take to some local politicians. Charlini came over to see if I wanted to play. Juliana needed money to go shop for food. John is still asleep and I wish I was since we both stayed up to one a.m. to watch the World Cup. A faucet broke in one of the bathrooms and that will have to be replaced. In the meantime, the water is off. Our internet provider called to tell us the internet was down and they didn't know why. And it is not yet noon. See what fun missionaries have every day.
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