Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spent the day preparing for our visitors from the U.S. arriving tomorrow. While in Musoma, got the money from the bank, ran some papers into immigration, payed my internet bill, bought some light bulbs, and windshield washers. Oh, and picked up two, new government stickers we need for the car. They are just five dollars for each car, but you are fined twenty dollars each time you get caught without them. Got home to find that Karen's school had grown by four more students, the shower in one of the guest cottages was broken (fixed now), we had forgotten to take the filter with us for delivery this morning, and replaced light bulbs. Got Juliana to the market with money for food shopping for a gang of Americans and double checked the guest cottages. We are all tired. Shaban had a good friend die of malaria yesterday and will be at the funeral tomorrow. Lusi's sister-in-law also died yesterday of malaria. Lusi will be gone until Monday attending the funeral and being with family. One of our Bible college students stopped by today to pick up his school fees for this fall and show me his very good grades. He and his wife are going to the Bible college and will be valuable assets for the church when they finish. Shouldn't have any trouble sleeping tonight.
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