Friday, July 30, 2010

Internet has been up and down, so sorry for the lack of posts. Yesterday, Ruth and Molly taught two Bible schools on the Book of Esther at the Bunda Baptist Church while the men finished the mosquito screens in Karen's school. Today, some of the men worked on making our generator house workable and will work on for a couple more days. Karen, Marty, Corbyn, and Ruth taught the first day of a two-day sanitation and hygiene workshop in Lamadi under tarps set up against the wall of a house. Around the corner from them, more tarps outlined the area of the pastor and evangelist training that Gary, myself, and Bishop Monto were teaching to twelve eager students. We go back tomorrow to finish both workshops. Sunday, we will try to get to Karikakari again, then on Monday and Tuesday, Bible schools at the village of Bukore on the Serengeti side of the Bunda hills. Not much time for sitting around and chatting, but that's okay with everybody. A lot of God's work is getting done.
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