Sunday, July 4, 2010

For a personal account, check the box marked "Karen's Blog" above. The final day of worship together was a very special one. If we can't unite the men, we can certainly unite the women. They sang praise, prayed, and worshipped as one family and not seven villages. There are some pictures to go with this, and, if you are on FaceBook, John posted photos and videos of the singing. This was one of the best workshops ever due in no small part to the inclusion of how to use dried meat to enrich your diet. It costs us an extra $30 to do this, but we will do it from now on. John and Karen deserve much thanks and praise for the work they did. Karen working through her pain and sickness, and John filling in so admirably when Karen had to go to bed--not to mention the photos and videos. There is a lot of reward to go around when you do something good for God.
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