Thursday, July 8, 2010

Both cars now have new shocks (occupational hazard on these roads), and the Toyota will get serviced on Monday. Our diesel engines require 10 quarts of oil each, two oil filters, and one diesel filter, so our services cost a bit. I miss that thirty minute thirty dollar drive thru. Got more stuff squared away at the bank and are working on the activities for the group coming in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see and hear American accents. Everyone is healthy at the moment, although Samson lost his mother-in-law last Friday. Some missionaries in Musoma have some new German Shepherd puppies, so we are trying to get a female. Puppies are very popular with missionaries here as watch dogs are very important. Most Africans are afraid of dogs and one barking dog can prevent a lot. Our Australian neighbors have a Rottweiler, but those get too big and scary for me. The roof over the shed is getting repaired and it looks like we will be all set for our visitors. We are very excited about their coming. Pray for a safe journey for all.
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